Alan Cooper - Stotfold & Langford Ward

 Ian Cooper

Name: Alan Cooper

Standing for: Stotfold & Langford Ward (Including Fairfield)

Address: 16 Coppice Mead, Stotfold, SG5 4JX

Telephone: 01462.733106


About me and my reasons for standing:

My working life has been spent in the engineering world, from a 5 year apprenticeship with its associated college qualifications on to design and then into sales.

A lifetime resident of Stotfold with over 30 years of experience as a Town Councillor - presently as Deputy Mayor & Chair of the Planning Committee, while also sitting on all other committees. Chair of the Community Christmas Fayre organisation and supporter of other community groups around the town - My wife Mary is also a Town Councillor & Tree Warden for Stotfold.

I am standing as an Independent candidate for Central Beds Council at this election so that the opinions and wishes of local people and their Parish Councils can have a better hearing at Central Beds meetings.

For too long, well before the Unitary Authority came into being, there has been single party rule in our area where politics has overwritten common sense and fairness so that, as residents, we now all now suffer the results!

We have all witnessed the thousands of new homes being built in our area, despite many reasonable objections being raised by our residents who then have to live with the results for coming generations. Provision of the infrastructure needed to sustain the resulting increase in population is constantly either planned to come 'later' or never appears at all.

The list of problems this gives us as residents is lengthy and well known to us all so I will not reiterate them all here.

No single councillor can truly expect to change this situation overnight despite rash claims made in the heat of electioneering but, as an 'Independent' candidate, I can assure you that, if elected:

  • I will champion the opinions and needs of local people.
  • I will support suggestions I believe are to the benefit of local residents, regardless of who they come from.
  • I will not support policies I believe are put forward for political reasons only.
  • I will challenge recommendations threatening to damage our environment in any way.
  • I will need the votes of you along with your family and friends to prove this

Please help by voting COOPER on May 7th


Published and Promoted by Alan Cooper, 16 Coppice Mead, Stotfold, SG5 4JX