Silvia Collins - Toddington Ward

Toddington - Silvia Collins for Central Beds



About me: I am standing for the first time as an independent councillor for Toddington ward. I am passionate about our democratic rights to be informed and consulted on issues which affect our quality of life. It was through seeking support from our councillors, on behalf of residents concerned about the excessive proposed housing developments, that I came to realise how badly served we currently are. Not only are we not kept adequately informed, but we are also not consulted and it became very clear that our views are definitely not being represented at Central Beds Council. This is just wrong, so I’m putting myself forward to try and change that and fight for the benefit of my community. My first priority will be to improve the community’s access to relevant council information and to make people feel cared about and supported.

Local issues: Planning related (including over-development), parking, lorries cutting through villages, recurrent unauthorised Traveller encampments, increase in crime (and no doubt others I will come to learn about)

Promoted and published by Ian Shingler: 14 Dane Road, Barton-le-Clay, Beds MK45 4QL on behalf of Silvia Collins