Mary Walsh - Toddington Ward

Mary Walsh

Name: Mary Walsh

Standing for: Toddington Ward

Address: 14 Lincoln Way Harlington Beds LU56NQ

Tel: 01525 875972   



Social Media: @marywalsh354

About Me: I have lived in Bedfordshire for 40 years in both town and country. I currently live in Harlington where I am Chair of the Parish Council.

I have worked in many roles over those years, full time, part time, two jobs at time - employed and self employed. I am Clerk to a local charity and also Chairman of Harlington Parish Council, I am a member of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

I trained and worked as a secretary but when I became a mum I started a mums and tots in Houghton Regis. I went on to work in schools including Harlington Lower School, where I was a classroom assistant in the mornings and at that time I also worked as a receptionist for an engineering company in the afternoons. I have had other roles over the years including self employment and I eventually went back to full time work in admin and reception. I have spent the last 7 years looking after my preschool grandchildren and have combined that with being self employed.

I am standing as an Independent candidate for Central Beds Council, because I believe that there is no place for politics in local government. I think our Ward representatives should be free to express the views of the residents and vote according to their best interests - not according to the views of a political party or whip.

This includes decisions regarding local transport and new roads, whether we remain a mainly rural community or become a hub for freight, whether we want housing built on the Green Belt or housing built on brownfield sites, whether we want small scale development of affordable and social housing to meet the needs of local residents, or very large scale housing development within the Green Belt for London and Luton residents. It is not too late to make a difference, but we need independent Ward Councillors so that we can challenge current plans and be consulted on them. We are surrounded by Green Belt and all of these important decisions affect us.

I also believe that we are lucky to live within that Green Belt and within accessible and beautiful countryside and am not ashamed to say I want to see it stay that way - and I believe you want that too. This is not NIMBYism - the Green Belt serves an important role for everyone, as it provides the 'lungs' for the towns and cities it surrounds. It grows our food, reduces our carbon emissions, improves our atmosphere, gives refuge to wildlife and is a place for leisure and relaxation for everyone - living in it or not. It stops our villages merging with the towns and losing identity. Our views on planned changes are being ignored - I want to change that.

There are alternative decisions that could be taken for provision of both housing and jobs, so we have to be properly represented at local level if we are going to have hope of changing the current direction of travel.

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