Mary Walsh - Toddington Ward

Mary Walsh for Central Beds Council

Name: Mary Walsh

Standing for: Toddington Ward

Address: 14 Lincoln Way, Harlington Beds LU56NQ

Tel: O7905 193895   Email:

Social Media: @marywalsh354

About Me: It is a time of great change in our Ward and we need representatives on Central Bedfordshire Council that put our residents and communities before party politics: to listen to our views and respond to our needs: to speak up and work for residents, not political parties and keep us informed. That is why I am standing as an Independent Councillor for Toddington Ward – an area I have lived worked in and loved for many years. If elected I will be a local voice for local people on local issues.

I have family living locally and my grandchildren attend local schools, as did my sons. I have a keen interest in education and have worked as a Specialist Teaching Assistant in my local lower school. I have regularly volunteered in Pre Schools and set up and ran a Mums and Tots in what was a deprived area. I have worked in local government/public sector and the private sector and I know the difference. I have been employed and self-employed.

I have been Chairman of Harlington Parish Council and Chairman of the Planning and Environment Committee for several years.

I am a planning volunteer with the Bedfordshire branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England and a Trustee. I have responded to the many applications for unsustainable development on greenfield and greenbelt sites and we have responded to the CBC Local Plan. I believe we need to do more to protect our countryside and environment, to value our farmland and farmers, and to ensure the future of our children and grandchildren. I believe we need truly sustainable and affordable housing for local people – not housing anywhere at any cost. We need better-maintained roads and affordable rural transport – not more roads for freight and ever larger warehouses taking over the countryside. There are so many issues of local importance which are the responsibility of Central Beds Councillors.

Our Ward is surrounded by Green Belt on the edge of the Chiltern Hills - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We enjoy the beautiful countryside and productive farmland, much of which is very high-quality agricultural land. It’s beautiful in Beds and I want to help keep it that way.

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