Why be Independent?                    

Why Be Independent?

  • 99% of people do not belong to political parties
  • Whilst other councillors allegiances may lie first with their party and second with their community, an Independent will place interests of their community first.
  • Central Beds Council requires Independent Scrutiny
  • Independent Candidates invariably live and/or work in the ward they wish to represent, rather than been drafted in from outside by their party
  • Independent Candidates invariably have no party political baggage
  • Independent Candidates consult you on major issues affecting your community
  • Independent Candidates will listen to you and act in your interests - not tell you what’s good for you. That’s proper representation
  • If elected as Independent councillors on Central Beds Council, issues will be considered on their own merits and resulting votes will not be determined by party allegiance 
  • Arguably Party Politics has no place in Local Government

Help with being an Independent Councillor

  • Politically Independent Councillor X - all the resources you could ever need if you're considering standing as an Independent Councillor
  • From your existing Central Beds Independent Councilors