Mark Smith - Ampthill Ward

Councillor Mark Smith

Name: Mark Smith

Standing for: Ampthill Ward (comprising Ampthill, Maulden & Clophill) (3 Member Ward)

Address: 6 Sidney Road, Ampthill, Beds, MK45 2RJ

Tel: 01525 841836

Mobile: 07896124933




Twitter: @cllrmarkasmith

About me: I became an Ampthill Town Councillor in 1997 & was Mayor during 2005/6. In 1997 I became a Mid Beds District Councillor for two years. In 2011 I became a Central Beds Councillor. I'm very accessible and can regularly found at town/parish council meetings in Ampthill, Maulden and Clophill, at Councillor Surgeries and through social media, as I operate the Ampthill.Info Facebook/Twitter pages that are followed by over 1300 local residents.

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Local issues: Ampthill, Maulden & Clophill have many diverse issues although chief amongst these are Highways, Planning, Speeding and Parking.  Mark works hard for his constituents.

Councillor Mark Smith 




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